Product Type: Food

At Specialty Foods, we stock a wide variety of brands and sizes of tortillas. A few brands we stock include; La Fama, La Bandarita, SFD, Tortillas Ole, and others. We carry corn and flour tortillas that very in between 4-14 inches in size. With tortillas being a staple of your business, we have the supply […]

Specialty Foods stocks an excellent seafood inventory for Mexican restaurants. Our fish selection includes salmon, swai, and tilapia. Specialty Foods offers an broad selection of shellfish including crab, shrimp, scallops, and oysters. We also deliver octopus, a unique an flavorful option.

Specialty foods carries many delicious frozen foods for easy preparation. We have churros, ice cream, cheese cake chimichangas and much more. All kinds of dessert or food a Mexican restaurant needs to serve its guests.

Specialty Foods provides all the staple dry and can goods every Mexican restaurant requires for success. Let Specialty Foods supply your business with the essentials.

Our meat selection is extensive and high quality. We provide standard meats like ground beef all the way to specialties like cow tongue. In our beef selection we stock loins, rounds, chuck, flank, and many other types. We also provide pork in various ways for example, chops, ribs, pork shoulder, and others.

Specialty Foods is pleased to stock chicken from Koch Foods. We stock all types of cuts for all your chicken needs. We even stock whole chickens, and all at wholesale price!

Specialty Foods carries and abundant supply of the fresh produce Mexican restaurants rely on. We supply fruits and vegetables in both common and specialty varieties. Pineapples, mangos, and lemons are just the beginning of the fruits we deliver to you. We have many vegetable too. Onion, avocados, lettuce, peppers, and tomatoes are just part of our vegetable selection.

Spices are such an essential part of Mexican food. Because of that, Specialty Foods carries an extensive array of spices for your Mexican restaurant. We supply you with the full line of Badia seasonings. We also have 9 varieties of dried chiles to spice up your kitchen.