Product Type: Supplies

All the paper and disposable products your Mexican restaurant needs are stocked here at Specialty Foods. For your customers, we have an enormous variety of cups and lids sizes, foam containers, paper bags, and napkins. For the kitchen, we carry food service gloves, wax paper, foil, paper towels, waste can liners, and more. We even […]

Specialty Foods go beyond just Mexican food products. We supply everything your business needs to thrive, including cleaning chemicals. We carry disinfectants, cleaners, and hand soaps. Whether you’ve got dishes to wash, floors to mop, or bathrooms to clean, Specialty Foods has the chemicals you need to maintain a squeaky clean business.

Spices are such an essential part of Mexican food. Because of that, Specialty Foods carries an extensive array of spices for your Mexican restaurant. We supply you with the full line of Badia seasonings. We also have 9 varieties of dried chiles to spice up your kitchen.