Flour and Corn Tortillas


Every Mexican restaurant needs tortillas. As a key ingredient of Mexican food, your business needs a steady supply of tortillas. At Specialty Foods, we stock a wide variety of brands and sixes of tortillas. Whether your serving up tacos, enchiladas, fajitas, quesadillas, or burritos, we have the right tortillas for you in steady supply. Brands we stock include Tortillas Ole, SFD, La Fama, and Tortilla Mi Arcos. We stock both yellow and white corn tortillas, as well as flour. Specialty Foods' tortillas come in sizes from 4-12 inches and all sizes in between.

Tortilla Chips Tortillas

  • SFD Chips
  • Chips Yellow Corn 6'
  • Chips Yellow Maseca
  • El Salto Chips
  • Tri Color El Salto Chips
  • White Don Andres

Corn & Flour Tortillas

  • Tortillas Ole: Corn Yellow 6'
  • Enchiladas White 7'
  • Flour 6' 7' 8' 10' and 12' Taco Corn 6" 

Tortilla Mi Arcos Tortillas

  • Tortilla Enchilada White 4", 4.5", 6", 6.5

La Fama Tortillas

  • Chips La Fama